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Doctor, Nurse, Air hostess, Stewards, Waiters, Postmen, Teacher, Professor, Lawyer, Police Men & Traffic police both, Workers, Chefs, People at Road side stalls, Sales Men, Models


1. Standing for a long time and having increased pressure in the abdomen may make you more likely to develop varicose veins, or may make the condition worse.


2. Hereditary factors (if your mother had varicose veins, there is a likelihood you will too!)


3. Hormonal changes experienced during menopause


4. History of previous vein diseases


5. Defective valves from birth (congenitally defective valves)


6. Excessive fear can cause leg fold up, habit like fold up sit, so use normal sit without folding legs, don't fold legs for long time.


7. Fat (Obese) people, Old people, Pregnant women.